Legends RC Products

The World’s No.1 Leading Manufacturer of Camel Trophy Top Roof Rack.

We are the first mass-production manufacturer of Camel Trophy Top Roof Rack in the world and offering top quality accessories and parts to fit with your RC Scale Models. Each piece of our creations are uniquely designed with quality of heavy duty in good precision.

In 2016, our team designed and produced the first Scale Camel Trophy Top Roof Rack. Many Roof Racks have been sold over the years globally throughout the United States, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Canada, Germany, Australia, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Netherlands, South Korea, and other countries such as Iceland, Ukraine and Lithuania.

“In Pursuit of Excellence” – In 2017, Legends RC Products successfully created and launched the first Functional Hinge Set in the world. We strive for excellence even for small accessories.

“In Pursuit of Innovation” – We are proud to be the world’s first developer of Scale Camel Trophy Top Roof Rack and Front Bumper in mass-production, including other accessories such as Hoe Set, Axe Set, Shovel Set, Ramp and Backup Fuel Can for specific use in RC Camel Trophy.

We have always insisted on quality over quantity. Legends RC Products – Turn your RC Scale Model into a Legend.

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