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Roof rack sets are now back in store

Our classic roof rack sets & bumpers are now back to store!!  After a few months of temporary suspension due to congested production schedule, we are pleased to announce that these items are ready for order again.  You are welcome to visit our online store to pick your choice.

As these racks & bumpers are all hand made items produced in our workshop, kindly note there will be a 4-6 weeks production time.

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S3 is ready!!

In the very old days of Hong Kong as a British colony, Series 1, 2 & 3 were commonly seen, especially in the royal army & different government departments.  That left us a cherishable memory towards this particular Series.

So, for a long time, it is one of our dreams to transform this legends of Land Rover Series into RC version.  To put it into life again!

Perhaps there would be many other options of the same model available in the market but this is definitely not our aim to invoke any kind of competition.

Our entire mission is to devote our passion & energy to create a quality S3 as closely realistic as the genuine car in order to manifest its spirit once again.

At this stage, we are going to offer the Plain Body (without paint) kit set and details will be listed in another post!

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Welcome to Legends!

Welcome to Legends! We are a workshop in Hong Kong making quality parts & accessories for upgrading your RC Scale Vehicles.  Each piece of our creation is filled with our boundless passion & energy.  All products are uniquely designed with quality of heavy duty in good precision which matches your quest for superior.