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S3 is ready!!

In the very old days of Hong Kong as a British colony, Series 1, 2 & 3 were commonly seen, especially in the royal army & different government departments.  That left us a cherishable memory towards this particular Series.

So, for a long time, it is one of our dreams to transform this legends of Land Rover Series into RC version.  To put it into life again!

Perhaps there would be many other options of the same model available in the market but this is definitely not our aim to invoke any kind of competition.

Our entire mission is to devote our passion & energy to create a quality S3 as closely realistic as the genuine car in order to manifest its spirit once again.

At this stage, we are going to offer the Plain Body (without paint) kit set and details will be listed in another post!

8 thoughts on “S3 is ready!!

  1. Congratulations!!!! Superb!!!
    I’m wating for one of this for a long long time!
    Finaly someone made an 88 Series.
    Let me ask you if you plan to do the 88 SIIA last version…

    It’s exactly like this SIII, but you have to make some small option parts: front grille, door hinges, screen hinges, and dashboard. Small option parts and you have other nice version of Land Rover!

    Best regards, PPacheco (Portugal)

    1. Yes, sure SIIA is in our plan. We will keep it updated on the page!

  2. Any plan to sell the bonnet and front panel separately to convert a RC4WD D90 to series front end?

    1. Sorry, there is no plan at this stage to sell in this respect.

  3. Hello is the s3 still available for purchase?

  4. Bonjour , quel beau travail !!
    Cette carrosserie s’adapte t’elle sur un chassie gelande 2 RC4WD ? merci

  5. When it goes on sale? I would like to buy it.

  6. Hi
    When will the S111 be able as a kit.

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